In order to better serve our accounting and tax business clients, David V. Giacomucci & Company, Inc. CPA’S, concentrates on handling the specific challenges and industry standard tax practices across a spectrum of industries throughout the Philadelphia area and suburbs, including the following:

Consumer Services
Real Estate, Painters, Plumbers, Home Builders, Restaurants, Retail Trade, Landscaping and more.

Home Builders, Sub-Contractors, General Contractors, Specific Construction Trade.

Professional Services
Engineers, Legal, Architects, Consulting, Insurance, Technology.

Manufacturing, Processing and Wholesale
Export trading and Import trading.

Health Care
Orthodontists, Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors, Ophthalmologists, Medical Practices, Retinal Specialists, Medical Supply.

We prepare Federal and State corporate tax returns, partnership returns, LLC returns and schedule C (sole proprietor) returns.  We prepare Federal and State payroll tax returns, individual 941’s, 940’s, state unemployment returns, state withholding tax returns, state sales tax returns, W-2’s and 1099’s.  We prepare local Business and Mercantile tax returns for local jurisdictions including the city of Philadelphia.  We also prepare Local Earned income tax withholding returns.